Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 Mock Trial

Congrats to the participants and winners of the Mock Trial Competition in Saipan 2010.

First place winners: MOUNT CARMEL SCHOOL. Final tally was 6 to 3 in their favor. They will travel to Philadelphia for the national competition in May 2010.

Second place winners: MARIANAS BAPTIST SCHOOL. Hard fought. Good job.

Third place winners: SAIPAN SOUTHERN HIGH SCHOOL. They're already talking about next year!

Fourth place winners: ROTA HIGH SCHOOL. First time in the winners circle and great performance.

Team Professionalism award: MARIANAS HIGH SCHOOL. This award speaks volumes. Congrats.

I don't have all the individual awards (best prosecution attorney, witness, best defense attorney, witness), but what I do know is that MHS student Christian Cruz won for Best Prosecution Witness; MCS student Anastasia Schweiger won for Best Defense Witness. I also heard that the best attorney awards on both sides went to MBA students (but I don't know the names of the winners).

The competition was very good. The students worked very hard and show tremendous talent and promise. Congratulations again to everyone who participated. Thanks for a good show!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Student Designs Take the Stage!

I've posted the student designs side-by-side with the (almost) finished costumes on my personal blog--you can see them here. The photos there and below were taken at dress rehearsal. Since then, we've added the white buckle to Maggie's day-dress, completed the striped add-ons for Max's Otello costume, repaired the evening dresses to fit better, and otherwise adjusted the costumes as needed.

The show is funny and fabulous, and the costumes fit the show perfectly!

There is one more show--tonight (Sunday, 2/14/2010) at 7 PM at Charley's PIC.

Tito (traveling)

Saunders (day)

Maggie (evening)

Diana (day)

Maggie explains her need to fling to Max.

Tito Merelli arrives--with his wife, Maria.

The bellhop apologizes to Mrs. Maria Merelli--in Italian.

Saunders tries to throw the bellhop out.

Max, as Otello, and Saunders express their different views.

Saunders, bellhop, Julia and Maggie beg "Tito" (a/k/a Max) to take the stage.

Julia counsels Maggie on waiting for Tito Merelli after the opera.

Julia is thrilled to be in Il Stupendo's presence.

Julia turns on the charm for Tito Merelli.

Tito takes the bait!

Design students take a break from helping backstage to watch a part of the rehearsal.
Allison Madamba, Rozette Bunao, Rochelle Dimipilis, and Donna Monton.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lend Me A Tenor --Selected Designs

The following (in no particular order) are designs from the students of MHS, SSHS and KHS that were chosen to be used, in whole or in part, for the costumes for the up-coming production of LEND ME A TENOR by Ken Ludwig.

Tito Merelli by Donna Monton, MHS

Mr. Saunders by Rozette Bunao, MHS

Max and Tito as Otello by Lara Lleva, KHS

Maria Merelli by Donna Monton, MHS

Maggie Saunders by Allison Madamba, SSHS

Maggie Saunders by Rochelle Dimipilis, MHS

Diana by Helen Choi, MHS

Diana by Rozette Bunao, MHS

Bell hop by Haeri Kim, MHS

We are in the process of creating and adapting costumes based on these designs. LEND ME A TENOR goes up on Friday, February 12, 2010 through Sunday, February 14, 2010 at PIC Charley's Cabaret.