Saturday, June 30, 2012

Freestyle Theatre update

2012-05-30  TWPI students presented two one-act plays from ALL IN THE TIMING by David Ives at the Johnny Carson Theatre on Thursday, May 5, 2012.

Words, Words, Words was performed by Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero (Kafka), Jorem Guardian (Swifty) and Matthew Lopez (Milton).

Philip Glass Buys A Loaf Of Bread was performed by Darren Cajipo/Patrick Llaban/Rolando Sangalang (Philip Glass); Mark Gonzales/Matthew Lopez (Baker); Lady Dominique Canape/Mariel Ferrer/Rosemarie Liangco (Woman 1); and Mary Grace Barro/Kelly Demapan/Gemmelie Eugenio/Jenella Nelmida (Woman 2).

Mr. Easton reports a packed house and standing ovations!

(waiting on photos!)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Chapter Select-ALL IN THE TIMING by David Ives-3 selections


Angela Cruz and Harold Aranda

Allexa Go and Harold Aranda
Allexa Go
Stephanie Lumbad and Julius Inocencio

Mary Jane Pepito and Jorem Guardian

Anabelle Manzo and Jorem Guardian

Anabelle Manzo and Jorem Guardian


Ageline Sahagun and Ray Mark Denora


Mikhail Alcantara

Mikhail Trotsky

Chae Won Hwang and Salvi Villanueva

Photos courtesy of Paul Dujua

 P.S.--Love the backdrop!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012-05-28 News on I.E.s

I have heard very little, but I do know that MHS group musical theatre (Rhythm and Harmony) got a callback.


UPDATE: 2012-05-29 Angie Wheat is reporting that MHS got "second" place in group musical theatre--haven't received confirmation. Also, I think this may mean they will not be on the Saturday showcase at the Lied... but perhaps they will? again, awaiting confirmation.

UPDATE: 2012-05-30 Confirmed by Harold Easton-2nd.  No, they won't be on the Lied for the final showcase.  But yay for being one of only two group musical theatre I.E.'s to get a callback!  Claim that 2nd place with honor.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012 ITF Festival Update

Our esteemed Chapter Director, Mr. Harold Easton, is in an early photo on the ITF Facebook page!

Facebook photos-Mr. Easton!

Monday, June 25, 2012

TWPI Students Head to ITF

Read the Marianas Variety article here .

Coach Mr. Wesley Foster

Coaches Ms. Carmalita Ada and Mr. Paul Dujua

Coach Mrs. Dora B. Miura

Julius Inocencio and Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero
Mary Grace Barro, Nikki Canape, Darren Cajipo

Yong Jeong (Annie) Kim and Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero

Dennis De Guia (Mary Jane Pepito in background)

Mark Gonzales and Rolando Sangalang

Kelley Demapan and RoseMarie Liangco

Patrick Llaban

Ageline Sahagun

Mikhail Alcantara

Jorem Guardian, Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, Harold Aranda

Anabelle Manzo and Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero

Ray Mark Denora

Patrick Llaban, Kelley Demapan, RoseMarie Liangco

Coach Mrs. Dora B. Miura

Coaches Carmalita Ada, Wesley Foster, and Paul Dujua with Darren Cajipo

From left...Front row: Ray Mark Denora, Angela Cruz, Allexa Go, Mariel Ferrer, Carmalita Ada, Jenella Nelmida; Second row: Dora Miura, Annie Kim, Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero, Matthew Lopez, Ageline Sahagun, Mikhail Alcantara, Rolando Sangalang, Harold Aranda; Ami Joy Danganan (standing); Third row: Paul Dujua, Chae Won Hwang, RoseMarie Liangco, Julius Inocencio, Jorem Guardian, Salvi Villanueva, Nikki Canape, Mary Grace Barro, Stephanie Lumbad, Dennis De Guia (partially hidden), Mary Jane Pepito; Back row: Patrick Llaban, Mark Gonzales, Kelly Demapan, Darren Cajipo (behind her), Annabel Manzo, Gemmilie Eugenio, Wesley Foster (partially hidden), Jojo Alepuyo (partially hidden). (Missing from photo: Hannah Alcordo)

Students only