Friday, November 6, 2009

Math Court

This is to remind you that the registration for the November 6-12 Math Court deadline is today, November 6 (Friday). Please remember to send it as a excel format and please include the names of your proctors in the document as well. We will consider the registration incomplete until a proctor's name is given.

Remember to use the codes we sent you to register your competitors. Please don't make up codes yourself, for the format we used for the first event was just temporary.

We sent out an e-mail with attachment that had the new, updated codes for each of your competitors. If you do need codes for new competitors (those who did not compete in the October event), please put "School name's registration: need codes".....ex. "DES's registration: Need Codes" in subject line with school so we can create codes for you.

Remember to give us their name and grade level.

Also, please remember that no changes will be allowed after Wed (no switches or deleting allowed).

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