Thursday, October 21, 2010

Message re Math Court

This message in from our fearless Math leaders:

Hi Coaches,

To accommodate the large number of participants in the NFL competition, we've had to deal with room changes and event delays, but thanks to your patience and willingness to adapt to change, we feel the event was a success for all, so thank you for that. Math Court will not be able to function without your help.

The November event is fast approaching, and we have a few reminders for you so that we can run the event as efficiently as possible:

Ribbons can be picked up at the next event scheduled for November 13th at Chacha Oceanview Jr. High. We understand that many of the competitors in Math Court are also involved in NFL as well. Because of this, our start time for the students, is 1400. We will start accepting payment at 1300 and hold the proctor's meeting at 1345.

Registration deadline is November 5, so don't wait till the last minute to ask for codes and registering your students.

Just because Dora sends you codes that you've requested, it does not mean they are registered! Few schools confused this last event, and so some students weren't allowed to participate. As soon as Dora sends you the codes, register them using the google doc link. You can register more than once, so you do not need to wait for new codes to register veteran competitors who already have codes.
As soon as registration is received, we will send you a confirmation that we've received it, along with a copy/paste of the registration received (complete with time-stamp and code). That way, you can verify your codes and also use that e-mail as a basis in case a problem occurs. We will check google docs frequently, but a quick e-mail telling us you've submitted the registration and want confirmation is also helpful for us.


Don't forget--Math Court has its own website now, too.

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