Saturday, October 4, 2008

ITS-First Thespian Competition

Despite the late start of school and the shortened planning time, the first Thespian competition came off successfully!

There were many high school students competing, with entrants in ALL categories. Yay! There were also some junior thespians competing, but not enough and no one competed in MIME.
Congratulations to all the students who showed up and competed. Despite some mix-ups and mistakes on knowing and following the rules, the competition was a success and the students were great!

And a special thanks to our volunteer judges, coaches and coordinators, and "president-for-life".
It is important for students to know and follow the rules. Many rule violations result in disqualifications (which means the student disqualified will only get a participation point, and not be otherwise ranked with the other students competing).
Common mistakes:
1. In solo musical--the student must sing a song from musical theatre (Broadway usually). ITS has changed the rules this year, and songs from movies are not allowable. Other popular songs have never been allowed.
2. In solo musical--the accompanying musical track may not have any vocal singing on it. Students can sing to karaoke or minus-one tracks, or sing a capella.
3. In monologue--the two pieces must CONTRAST. And Mr. Easton has clarified the rules by saying that they must come from 2 DIFFERENT PLAYS.
4. In monologue and duet acting--pieces must be from published plays or other published stage performance pieces. They can't be poems or original writing, etc.
5. There are specific format rules for costume and set design; also film. Be sure not to get too close to the edge (literally and figuratively).
Good job, everyone!

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