Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ITS, PGFC--The Results Are In

Competitions are exciting! The first Thespian and PGFC competition results are in and posted at the main site Thespians here and PGFC here.

All I can say is that the FRESHMAN had some very commanding upsets in the Thespian competition! Freshman topped the leader board in Monologue and Solo Musical, pushing experienced upperclassmen into third and lower positions! The upper classmen held onto first place in Duet Acting and Mime, but challengers also showed well.

The competition fields are so deep in Monologue, Duet Acting, and Solo Musical that there are competitors who don't place and just get participation points.

In Junior Thespians, the competition field was light for the first round. And each competitor scored at least one first place. Duet Acting had only one competition team. Mime had none. So middle schools and junior highs-LISTEN UP. It's not too late to get your students into this competition.

These results show strong participation by lots of schools and talent everywhere! Any one else who wants to give their feedback or analysis-or just brag about how well their kids did--Feel free to add your views in the comment section!

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