Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Festival News & Notes-#12 more photos

On Friday, I attended a workshop on Commedia D'ell Arte. After checking out some masks, we got a short lecture on the history of the artform and some of the more famous stock characters. Then the class had an interactive session learning how to move as the various characters, using stock mannerisms to bring out the established characteristics of the Commedia cast.

Pantalone-an old miser man holds is stomach.

The Capitano leads with his chest!

Um...I think this was "make your own character!"

A spontaneous sword fight improv proved very entertaining. (The workshop presenter is the woman in the aqua/green tee-shirt.)

Anna Rose joins another thespian in a commedia improv.

And it all ends in violence... (of Mr. "I speak Latin"...)

Sunday morning at the Pound cafeteria was a very lonely affair...the last-to-leave 2 TWPI thespians have their Festival meal.

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