Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Congrats to Anastasia Schweiger for making the top 5 at NJFL in impromptu speech.

Congrats to Aisha Joyner and Akeiko Dela Cruz for making the top 6 at the International Thespian (ITS) Festival in duet acting.

Congrats to Sung Yul (Tommy) Baik and Moon Hyo Lee for making the top 9 at the ITS Festival in mime.

Congrats to Kyoung Min (Kay) Park for setting a new TWPI record by receiving 21 call backs from college recruiters at the ITS Festival!

And congrats to all of the students on the NFL, NJFL and ITS 2009 teams, for doing a great job representing the CNMI, demonstrating talent, learning and experience, and gaining greater skills at these summer competitions.

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