Thursday, October 1, 2009

Possible Storm Delays: NJFL-NFL Competitions; Thespian Banquet

We are still watching the storm, now Typhoon Melor (a/k/a 20 W), to determine whether this Saturday's planned events will be postponed. These events include the NJFL and NFL competitions and the Saturday evening banquet for thespians.

In the event that these events are not held as planned, Hal will post a notice on the main website, with a link on the Matrix page; I'll try to update here, also. Events postponed will be rescheduled.

Stay safe!

Tropical Storm Melor (a/k/a 20 W) has been up-graded to a Typhoon.

Different tracking methods put it either between Saipan and Rota, on target for Saipan, or heading just north of us. It looks like it's due to arrive about Saturday morning.

There's an excellent sidebar with advice, terminology, and a guide to storm conditions at the Guam PDN story on the storm.

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