Wednesday, June 9, 2010

News and Notes #3-Festival Schedules

Festival schedules are available online. You can see the Workshop Checklist to start figuring out what sessions you want to attend. There are a lot to choose from--acting on camera, Shakespeare, masks, puppetry, auditioning Broadway, portfolios, selecting a college, learning how to choreograph hip hop, directing, sorting through royalties and rights, using theatre as a social voice, clowning, yoga, singing improv, songwriting, stage combat (falling, rolling, flipping, fisticuffs, quarterstaff!), tattoos, magic, wearing wigs--AND MORE!

The problem of figuring out which workshops to attend is complicated, not only by the great selections competing for time slots, but also because there are other demands and draws on participants' time--indivual events (schedules are also online-linked on the main page of Festival at EdTA); college auditions and exhibitor tables and booths (worth a visit by any student interested in going on to college); tech challenge (learn by watching other students compete!); and Chapter Select and Freestyle Theatre plays. The full schedule is mind-boggling, so better start checking it out now!

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