Thursday, June 24, 2010

News & Notes # 9-2010 Festival-early reports

For the students in Lincoln--it seems they may be having lightning.

I've heard from both Mrs. Tina Foster and Mr. Harold Easton.

Tina's report (in part):
It's a big festival! The new kids were excited and nervous, but after a couple of days of going to some activities the nerves have settled down a bit. ... All the kids had IE's today. ... They've all been to some workshops and we continue to run our lines and practice whenever we have a break between activities.

Our lay over in Japan (7 hours) was put to great use. Dowen had the kids practicing and practicing. We put up our play on Saturday and by then they should all be ready.

Tonight we saw another play and it was amazing. The "oohs and aahs" I hear from the kids makes me realize that this is a great opportunity for kids from the CNMI to come to. ...

Hal's report (much shorter and bare-bones):
Junior College Auditions are done for the performers-tech yet to go. The three students garnered 11 call backs. In addition, when they visited the call backs, they went as a unit, and attracted further interest from the call-back colleges for the entire threesom.

IE's done, students seem satisfied with their work

"How To Succede in Business without Really Trying" was a great show, we had seats main floor center. Back to the balcony tomorrow.

And then online I found this You Tube video. The comments from the woman who adjudicated six (6) hours of monologues are insightful.

A great big thank you to adjudicators--I can't imagine six hours of student monologues.

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