Saturday, July 3, 2010

News & Notes #18-2010 Festival-wrap up

The students had an amazing experience at the 2010 International Thespian Festival. They were interviewed by journalist and playwright Elgin Zulueta of the Asian Journal.

They met representatives of Samuel French who watched their performance of PULLMAN CAR HIAWATHA and praised them, including sending an e-mail Wednesday June 30 after the Festival saying, "We are still applauding you today!"

They competed in individual events and have received written comments to help them improve their performances in the future. (We'll have more summary and wrap up on the overall ratings after this information is reviewed thoroughly by the coaches and Thespian Chapter Director.)

The high school juniors went to college auditions. The performance auditions garnered callbacks (colleges who are now recruiting our students) from Florida International University, St. Louis Universtiy, Savanah School of Art and Design, Southern Illinois University, Texas Christian University, and University of Wyoming. The technical theatre students had more callbacks from an even wider range of colleges and universities.

All of the students and coaches saw many plays, attended workshops, and generally got to savor theatre in all its glory for an entire week.

Thanks to the coaches, PSS, and all who made this possible. Really--THANKS!

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