Sunday, July 11, 2010

News & Notes #19-2010 Festival-more on college callbacks

The tech students each got 22 callbacks; while there was a lot of overlap, they also each got individual callbacks from different schools. The schools giving them callbacks included the same six that called back performance students (1. Florida International University, 2. Saint Louis University, 3. Savannah School of Art and Design, 4. University of Southern Illinois, 5. Texas Christian University and 6. University of Wyoming) plus these schools:

Central Washington University
Coastal Carolina University
College of Santa Fe
Loyola University New Orleans
Marquette University
Murray State University
Ohio Northern University
Rockford College
Rowan University
Saint Mary's University
South Dakota University
Southwestern College
University of the Arts in Philadelphia
University of Cincinnati
University of Oklahoma School of Drama
University of Nebraska Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film
University of Southern California
University of Wisconsin
Wake Forest University
Viterbo University of Theatre and Music Theatre

More on this later.

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