Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Math Court

Here's the article I submitted to the newspapers, which I hope they print:

First Row (L-R) Vanessa Pritchard, Won Woo Choi, Minchong Kang, Hye Young Oh, Jimie Horath, Soo Jin Choi, Jeremiah Perez
Row 2 - Susan Pajarillaga, Mindy Song, Sung Hoon Ham
Row 3 - Dora Miura, Allen Park, Manatsu Omori, Jessica Lee
Row 4 - Reo Arriola, Joseph Jang, Taek Han Yoon, Hanbert Jeong, Han Byol Yu

For the first time ever, CNMI students participated in the American Regions Mathematics League competitions. The CNMI team, comprised of fourteen students and seven coaches, traveled to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas for the two day event, held June 4-5, 2010. According to the event coordinator, Mrs. Dora B. Miura, the students participated in five events: Power Round, Team Round, Individual Round, Relay Round and the Super Relay Round. Results included a THIRD place in the Super Relay Round. The top scorers on the CNMI 2010 team were Won Woo Choi (7th grader from MBA) and Allen Park (7th grader from CCA).

Coach Vanessa Pritchard said the the competition was very steep, but it provided an opportunity for our students to compete in mathematics against the top students in the nation. “I hope that this competition will encourage our students to strive for the opportunity to compete in future competitions,” she said, “I know it will help the coaches better prepare the students for such challenges.”

The students came from Calvary Christian Academy, Marianas Baptist Academy, Northern Marianas Academy, Saipan International School and Saipan Southern High School. Those who participated were Soo Jin Choi, Won Woo Choi, Sung Hoon Ham, Joseph Jang, Hanbert Jeong, Minchong Kang, Jessica Lee, Hye Young Oh, Manatsu Omori, Allen Park, Jeremiah Perez, Mindy Song, Taek Han Yoon, and Han Byol Yu. The coaches were Reo Arriola, Tony Flores, Jimmie Horath, Dora B. Miura, Paul Miura, Susan Pajarillaga and Vanessa Pritchard.

The students spent most of their time on the competition but also had the opportunity to experience some American scenic icons. “The Hoover Dam was an amazing sight,” said Vanessa Pritchard. “I think we would have enjoyed it more if we did not have record setting heat at 110 degrees Fahrenheit!” Mindy Song found the competition hard, but then took the opportunity to relax by taking in the night in Las Vegas, which she describes as “shiny.” Manatsu Omori said, “The competition rounds made our minds think... a lot , but staying on a college campus was a fun experience. We also heard a lecture from the famous Kevin Wang.”

The students took a tour of the University campus and visited the Freemont Street Experience, a pedestrian mall. “It was a very memorable trip,” Mindy Song said, “and, if I can, I look forward to going again next year.”

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