Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zombie Prom--Getting Ready #1

I am in the midst of all things 1950's, nuclear, and zombie-ish as back-up support for our planned TWPI production of ZOMBIE PROM this year.

This post is just a collection (so I don't lose track) of some information I've come across on hairstyles of the 1950's.

For the Girls
For a simple demonstration and explanation of the classic French Twist (I see Delilah Strict in this hairstyle), watch this video.

You can "browse" through hairstyling magazines at the You Tube video channel for rdb4n, like this one (in two parts) from 1958:

Personally, I think the girls should use pony tails and page boys for school scenes (unless we're lucky enough to have someone with SHORT hair and then we can experiment with pin curls, etc.). French twists and chignons for evening.

For the boys:
I'd like to see the boys in any of the typical men's styles of the 1950's--burr, butch, crew cut, flat-top with or without fenders, pompadours with or without sideburns, and even a duck tail or two.

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