Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The cast list for Zombie Prom is out! See below.

It's called a "preliminary" cast list. I'm guessing that's because the directors will need confirmations from all who are cast that they accept the roles assigned, can meet the rehearsal schedules and other demands of the show, and will effectively learn their parts. The "final" cast list will probably come out on the first day of the show. :-)

I have listed the student's school where I know it; my apologies to those students who do not have their school's name listed. I'll get that updated as soon as possible. Apologies for any misspelled names, also.

Toffee--Doyi Lee (SSHS); understudy--Mariel Ferrer (MHS)

Jonny Warner--Matthew Lopez; understudy--John Darag (MHS)

Delilah Strict--Anna Rose Deleon Guerrero (SSHS); understudy--Keneisha Park (MHS) and Mereylen Denora (SSHS)

Eddie Flagrante--John Darag (MHS); understudy--Darren Cajipo

Candy--Kimberly Park (MHS); understudy--Roseanna Sablan (SSHS)

Coco--Rochelle Dimapilis (MHS); understudy--Anne Mariel Flores (SSHS)

Ginger--Anne Madrid; understudy--Liezel Tiples (MHS)

Josh--Mikey Johnson (MHS); understudy (not yet assigned)

Joey--Abel Pellegrino (SIS); understudy (not yet assigned)

Jake--Joel Chan; understudy (not yet assigned)

Student #1 Kelly--Kelly Demapan (MHS)
Student #2 Janice--Keneisha Park (MHS)
Student #3 Brian--Bal Eum Hong
Student #4 Michael--Michael Sheu
Student #5 Lance--Vinnie Orsini (MHS)
Student #6 Sheila--Mariel Ferrer (MHS)
Toffee's Mom--Ann Mariel Flores (SSHS)
Toffee's Dad--Wilden Mangahis (MHS)

Secretary #2--Liezel Tiples (MHS)
Secretary #3--Abigail Hudkins (SIS)
Secretary #4--Angela Cruz
Copy Boy #1--Ray Mark Denora (SSHS)
Copy Boy #2--Jessie Boyer (MHS)

Ramona Merengue--Mereylen Denora (SSHS)
Motorwise Guy #1--Darren Cajipo (MHS)
Motowise Guy #2--Ardel Tumbaga
Motorwise Guy #3--Linson Manahan
Motowise Guy #4--Mikhael Masongsong
Secretary #1--Roseanna Sablan (SSHS)
Announcer--Cody Race (MHS)
Stage Manager--Vira Starr Cucal (MHS)
Boom Mic Holder--Riya Nathrani (MHS)
Cameraman #1--Kevin De Torres
Cameraman #2--Leo Duenas

Wincel Mae Bubos, Rizza Joy Butalon, Carlane Castro, Jimin Cheon, Nikko Deleon Guerrero, Dayanara Flores (SSHS); Se Young Hwang, Julius Inucencio, Nagisa Kishimoto, Kaiza Lucido, Clariza Magat, Ajette Manabat, Jenella Nelmida (HJHS), Ageline Sahagon, Bing Jane Serrano, Kassie Takai (MHS), Kristine Valencia, Vivien Viernes.

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