Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zombies Are Hot!--updated

TWPI scheduled auditions for their up-coming musical, Zombie Prom, this week. The turnout was staggering! I'm still waiting for the final tally--update--57 students auditioned for stage roles, from MHS, SSHS, GCA, MBA, SIS, and HJHS. On Tuesday, September 14, room D 101 at MHS was packed with enthusiastic students--group A-- awaiting their turns to sing and read for the cast.

These students returned Thursday, September 16 for dance auditions, which included a 30 minute lesson and practice session on the lindy given by Mr. Easton. He had no difficulties executing moves!

(This photo from the Saturday dance lesson.)

The students worked up a sweat and had fun, too.

While group A students were learning the rehearsal dance moves on Thursday, more students --auditioners group B--were at D 101 taking turns singing and reading for their first stage of auditions!

After group B cleared the room from their hard work, the dancing auditioners took turns in groups of three pairs showing off their new lindy moves.

The group B auditioners (and any group A students who didn't make the Thursday dance drill) returned for dance auditions on Saturday.

And then there were band and musician auditions on Saturday.

Directors Dowen Jocson, Chiantee Rosete, and Craig Hart have been busy watching every single student tryout, taking notes, giving audition grades, etc.

They held some call backs on Sunday and may have more forthcoming, as they process all the information they've accumulated and work on casting. While they hope to get every interested student on stage, they will have to assign roles and post their casting list before moving on the daunting but fun task of rehearsing this musical comedy.

The energy is atomic!

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