Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Festival News & Notes #4-Team CNMI

Yay, Thespians of the Western Pacific Islands!

Here's the team for 2009.
This includes students who won their tickets with first place overall performances, students who won their places as alternates (where a top finisher couldn't go or won other paid arrangements from NFL), and students who are, on their own, joining the group having accomplished a top-three finish at regionals.

Name, School, Category, Type

Baik, Sung Yul (Tommy), MHS, Mime (duet), Performance,
Lee, Moon Hyo, MHS, Mime (duet), Performance
Tiples, Liezel, MHS, Monologue, Performance
Joyner, Aisha, KHS, Duet Acting, Performance
Dela Cruz, Akeiko, KHS, Duet Acting, Performance
Dela Cruz, Miki Nadia, KHS, Solo Musical, Performance
Deleon Guerrero, Anna Rose, SSHS, Solo Musical, Performance
Martin, Joseph, MHS, Solo Musical, Performance
Mojica, Adeleyah, MHS, Film, Technical
Wheat, Matthew, MHS, Film, Technical
Park, Kyoung Min (Kay), MHS, Set Design, Technical
David, Jackie, SSHS, Costume Design, Technical

Denora, Ray Mark, HJHS, Mime (duet), Performance
Bai, Tony, HJHS, Mime (duet), Performance
Joyner, Zalika, CCOV-JHS, Monologue, Performance
Flores, Dayanara, HJHS, Duet Acting, Performance
Banados, Royze, HJHS, Duet Acting, Performance
Brown, Reece, SAEF, Solo Musical, Performance

Chapter Director: Harold Easton
Advisor: Wesley Foster
Chaperones: Dora Miura, Hilda Joyner, Amy Babauta, Catherine Barja, Jojo Alepuyo, Jane Mack

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