Monday, June 8, 2009

Festival News & Notes # 8-Individual Events & Mutual Support

Below are two hand-written schedules. If you click on them, you'll get a larger, readable version.

One shows the individual events schedule by time and location, with each student shown where they will be performing.

The other is a grid to show who is expected to show up to support each student. As discussed in our planning meetings, we want every TWPI student to have maximum support. This means that we have not left it to chance as to who is expected to support whom, but have assigned each student to attend the I.E.s of at least 3 other students, according to this schedule. The logistics of this do not make this an easy task or one where adjustments can readily be made.

Although you may think you have time to cram in watching another I.E. before ones you're assigned to watch. Please don't try--we don't want you to be late for the ones where your support is really needed.

Please see me or Mr. Easton if you have any questions about the schedules.

Break a leg!

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