Friday, June 5, 2009

Festival News & Notes #7-Chapter Select

Festival presents a tremendous opportunity to take in a lot of plays. Besides the productions staged on the "main stage"--which are generally high tech, costume and set intensive, and full-length plays and musicals, there are shorter, "easier" plays produced in the Chapter Select Showcase. These are also staged by various Thespian troupes and chapters, and generally achieve a wholly-satisfactory degree of stage-craft and interest. They are also shorter and, because of the limitations on set and tech intensity, use more imagination and innovation in the presentations.

This year, the Chapter Select Showcase (based on the tentative schedule) will include:

SEASCAPE WITH SHARKS AND DANCER, by Don Nigro (Troupe 1849, Iowa)
THE SQUARE, by Mark Wallace (Troupe 5084, Arizona)
THE SEUSSIFICATION OF ROMEO AND JULIET, by Peter Bloedel (Troupe 2290, Colorado)
BETWEEN DAYLIGHT AND BOONVILLE, by Matt Williams (Troupe 5623, Indiana)
TWO ROOMS, by Lee Blessing (Troupe 7261, Mississippi)
PIZZA WITH SHRIMP ON TOP, by Aaron Levy (Troup 7260, Arkansas)
THE MARVELOUS PLAYBILL, adated from Miguel Cervante by Tim Kelly (Troup 5374+, CNMI)
IMAGINARY HARRY, by Bradley Hayward, (Troup 264, West Virginia)
THIS IS A TEST, by Stephen Gregg (Troupe 6215, Nevada)
ALL IN THE TIMING, by David Ives (Troupe 1539, Minnesota)
ART, by Yasmina Reza (Troupe 6763, Texas)
THE AUDITIONERS, by Doug Rand (Troupe 4151, Kansas)
ON THE DAY AND THE DAYS THAT FOLLOWED, by Dan McCormick (Troupe 88079, Pennsylvania)
SURE THING, by David Ives (Troupe 7093, North Carolina)
THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (ABRIDGED), by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield (Troupe 6185, New Jersey)
DRUGS ARE BAD, by Jonathan Rand (Troupe 1732, Oregon).

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